Thursday, September 22, 2005

Coate Water nature reserve

This is part of the nature reserve at Coate Water. It was created about 35 years ago to act as a flood storage area for the main lake.
It was the first local nature to be designated in Wiltshire and it forms part of Coate Water Site of Special Scientific Interest.

The nature reserve is not open to the public although bird-watches can obtain a permit to access the bird hides. It supports a large heronry and many of the breeding birds are on the endangered species list. Whilst the reed beds aren't extensive enough to support breeding bittern, they visit the nature reserve every year, much to the delight of bird spotters who rarely get to see this secretive bird.

Another welcome return to the nature reserve is the otter. Fifteen species of dragon-fly have been recorded and four species of bat swoop over the lake to feed.
Part of our vision is to create an extended reed bed into the field that floods next to the nature reserve.

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Patrick said...

These picture really are worth a thousand words! What a great way for visitors here to truly comprehend what is at stake.