Sunday, December 14, 2008

Public Inquiry - planning applications for Coate

The Public Inquiry is likely to run for 16 days. It will commence on Tuesday 10 February: 10am at the Marriott Hotel. There are no sittings on Mondays and the Friday sessions will finish at lunchtime but commence at 9.30am. Tues-Thursday 10am-5pm. The programme will run for two weeks, then one week off, and resume again for a possible two weeks.

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Anonymous said...

The University of the West of England is now hedging its bets whether to get involved in the Coate development area or to focus on a site near the railway station in Swindon.

Swindon Borough Council, the local MPs and the Regional Development Area support a centrally located site for Swindon's proposed university - as do the majority of Swindonians.

UWE has yet to reveal any details about what they might bring to Swindon. They have not discussed their proposals with any of the objectors to whom they promised to consult about any plans for Coate.