Wednesday, December 30, 2009

House builders' exhibition 7 January

Redrow Homes and Persimmon Homes, the developers behind the Coate development proposals, are holding an exhibition of their new plans for the Coate/Badbury Wick/Commonhead area before submitting a new planning application to Swindon Borough Council.

The exhibition is open to the public on Thursday 7 January between 1-7pm at Park South Community Centre, Cranmore Avenue, Swindon SN3 2EE.

Go along and see what ghastly offering is now proposed in the name of progress.


Jefferies Land Conservation Trust said...

The exhibition was postponed as a result of the heavy snow-falls.

These are the main elements of the proposed development

- 960 houses on 23.8 ha

- 5.5 ha for hospital expansion

- 15 ha employment land mainly in the triangle of land near J15 (including the provision of a pub and shop) and some along the "high street".

- open spaces to protect archaeologically-rich areas.

- two new access roads to the
development area from the Marlborough Road.

- a school is proposed in the
area between Day House Copse and Day House Lane next to a local

- the old landfill area as a sports pitch.

- the northern end of Day
House Lane will still have a rural feel and will be stopped up about
half-way down where the new road to the employment area merges into Day House lane where it will be widened.

- the developers will not be giving the rest of the land (ie the proposed buffer land around Coate Water) to the council. As they have options on the land, who knows what will happen long-term.

The prospects for Jefferies land are not good.

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