Saturday, June 01, 2013

Trust members vote to dissolve the Jefferies Land Conservation Trust

At a special meeting held on 1st June 2013, members of the Jefferies Land Conservation Trust unanimously voted in favour of dissolving the organisation.

The Trust will represent its aim to safeguard the special landscape of the fields east and south of Coate Water from development at a planning inquiry for the emerging Swindon Local Plan that will be held later this year.

All assets will be transferred to the Richard Jefferies Society (established in 1950). The Society shares a similar purpose to that of the Trust with regard to protecting the landscape at Coate.

The Trust was deregistered as a charity (with the Charity Commission) and as an environmental body (with ENTRUST) in July 2013.  


Anonymous said...

Good fight - and good luck!


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Anonymous said...

A summary of the rich archaeology of the Coate area has been posted here;

it is a huge shame for Swindon to have lost so much of its history and a truly tranquil little valley along Dayhouse brook - it really was peaceful and secluded working in those fields.

Lets hope the remaining developments at Bradbury wick (with a late prehistoric enclosed settlement) do there utmost to mitigate the loss of this lovely and historic greenbelt.