Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trees to be axed

According to the planning application, there are 172 trees in the proposed development area and a massive 72 of them will be axed. Of the 90 mature trees on site, 22 will go. It is bad enough to lose so many trees that have taken hundreds of years to go, but why are trees to be felled that don't appear to be where buildings or roads are planned? Here are some examples along Day House Lane:

A group of eight trees is to be removed (opposite the house called the Oaks) for no apparent reason.

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Alex Coppock-Bunce said...

Is there no end to the desecration these idiots want to execute on our landscape? This makes me really angry.

You look at the areas where the developers have had their way and its unrelenting concrete and steel, with the odd patch of grass squeezed into a anything they can't fit a flat on.

Soulless and de-humanising spaces. No wonder many people feel as though they are in prisons who live there.

How can we stop them taking away these clearly established, happy, ancient, healthy and oxygen providing trees?