Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Vote for Coate

A Vote for Coate campaign is being launched by the Save Coate coalition in order to find out where candidates stand on the Coate development proposals and to make this a major issue for the 5 May elections. The full list of candidates for the wards of Swindon Borough Council along with their addresses (no e-mail addresses supplied) has just been put up at the following url as a downloadable pdf file:


We shall be writing to them all and any responses will be put up on a dedicated website http://voteforcoate.org/

You can help. If you see any election campaign material that refers to the Coate development proposals, please let us know. We will set up a contact e-mail address for this purpose. If you live in Swindon, please would you write to all of the candidates in your ward and get their views. Again, let us know how they reply.

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